5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Westport

For travelers moving through the western region on a campervan hire new zealand journey, chances are you may end up within driving distance of the legendary Westport. If you haven’t planned on stopping here then think again since this region boasts some of the best tropical settings to be found in the west. This is easily one of the top surfing spots in country, so if hitting the waves is your thing then definitely bring your board. There are a plethora of other outdoor activities to take part in here, including mountain biking and some of the best hiking trails in the nation. One thing that visitors often overlook amongst all of this coastline and thrilling outdoor activities is to miss out on the cultural activities taking place in the town itself, not to mention the plethora of great dining and other activities to take part in in the town of Westport. So make sure not to miss out on these activities in between hitting the biking and hiking trails and the water.


Don’t Miss Out On The Beers

For beer lovers, you will be happy to know that Westport is known for its plethora of breweries, many of them award winning. West Coast Brewery is located here and you can take a tour of the brewery which will allow you to see where the beer is made and gives you the opportunity to sample some of the amazing beers as well. There are also an amazing amount of pubs in town serving up the delicious local brews, so make sure to sample some beer in this beer town or else you will be missing out on one of the main attractions of Westport.

Don’t Overlook The Art Galleries

Another thing that the town of Westport is known for is the large array of museums and galleries that you can take your pick from. From modern delights to historic treasures, there are an incredible amount of places to view art in this small town. Of course you may not be able to hit them all, but at least make sure to get out and see some art in this artsy town while you have the chance. Just take a look at the options before you come through town so you know which gallery will be displaying pieces that meet your specific tastes.

Don’t Forget The Hiking

With all the stunning coastline scenery on display, you might overlook the fact that some of the best hiking in the country is just within arm’s reach. For example, just within a short drive of Westport you will get to Charming Creek which has long been known as a top hiking spot in the western region. This trail features an array of waterfalls that are majestic to view and to hike past. There are a number of them along the trail, and it makes the journey interesting even for non-hikers. Campervan hire New Zealand journeys are all about getting into the outdoors and seeing the stunning sites that this country has to offer, and stopping at Charming Creek is just not to be missed if you happen to be in the region. There are a variety of other hiking trails in the region as well that have been drawing in hikers for many decades, making this region one of the top hiking areas to be found across the majestic New Zealand countryside.

Don’t Forget About The Caves

If you’re into caving then you should already know about the opportunities around Westport. The nearby town of Charleston boasts some of the best caving to be found in the country, which is really saying a lot in the caving hotspot of New Zealand. Here you will find some of the best caving opportunities to be found in the South Island. Even if you aren’t into caving, then you can take a guided tour of the caves and experience this underground netherworld in all its glory. Who knows, maybe the tour will even turn you into a caver! Whatever the case, don’t miss out on the caves if you really want to experience all that Westport has to offer.

Visiting Westport is an absolute must for anyone venturing across the south island. Just make sure not to miss out on the opportunities that go beyond the water sports and beach days that make up the majority of the attraction to this region. There is much more going on beyond the beach, including great hiking opportunities, wonderful things to do in the town itself including dining, beer drinking, and museums, and some of the best caving to be found in the country. For anyone passing through Westport on a campervan hire new zealand journey, take the time to learn about the region and find out the delights on offer beyond the beach.

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