Ditch the Generic Holiday Plans of Years Past and Partner with a Renowned Sports Travel Firm

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The 2015 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon in New York, NY, on 3/15/2015.
Credit: Porter Binks

If you’d like to infuse some flair, excitement, and originality into your next holiday plan, business meeting, or class trip, it’s in your best interests to reach out to one of today’s renowned sports travel organisations to help facilitate your next outing.

Fortunately for you, this brief article will provide some edifying information about what these incredible companies can do for you and your travel group in today’s day and age, namely with regard to how a comprehensive sports excursion differs from the generic, one-size-fits-all vacation plans that have become commonplace over the past decade or so.

A Unique Assortment of Sports-Based Trips on Offer

From the onset, it’s important to note that these distinctive travel companies specialise in facilitating top-to-bottom holiday plans that revolve around today’s most prominent sporting events.

From the British and Irish Lions Tour to The Ashes Series, Autumn internationals, Wimbledon Tournament, Cheltenham Gold Cup, and even a wide range of Rugby World Cup Sevens travel packages, you’ll be able to choose from a vast array of inimitable programmes that are geared towards sports lovers in particular.

Apart from these highly popularised touring sports, you’ll also gain access to a wide range of alternative itineraries as well, ranging from professional swimming and rowing to lacrosse and cycling to boot.

Everything Is Included

Additionally, you won’t have to mix and match the various aspects of organising a contemporary vacation plan because these sports travel firms are able to provide a comprehensive, one-stop shop solution for all of your needs during the outing:

  • You will get full access to the specific fixtures, matches, or contests based on your specific destination and the corresponding timetable.
  • An inclusive selection of accommodation options for your entire group is offered.
  • Transportation and conveyance is included within the package fee.
  • Tailor-made sightseeing tours, familiarisation jaunts, and educational circuits are guided by some of the most knowledgeable sports professionals in the world.
  • You can participate in optional instructive tours ranging from business studies and politics to health education, geography, and even local history as well. If you’re scheduling a trip for a class or school group, you’ll also gain access to an introductory parent presentation evening.
  • You have access to 24/7 backup assistance and advice to account for all of your needs during the excursion(s) and tour(s).

A Truly Authentic Experience

In order to create a truly genuine, memorable experience, these travel firms have also established extensive relationships with some of the most prominent figures from the sports world, which means that your tour will be guided by not only an expert travel assistant but also a popular former athlete as well:

  • Renowned martial artists
  • Eminent cricket bowlers
  • Famous International Rugby Union Players
  • Retired professional boxers
  • Professional rugby trainers, coaches, and instructors
  • Distinguished sports media consultants and personalities

One of these well-known individuals will accompany your tour group throughout your excursion and provide various anecdotes, war stories, in-depth analyses, and personalised advice along the way.

As you can see by now, partnering with one of these organisations is a sure-fire way to take a ho-hum business meeting or holiday excursion to the next level; so do yourself a big favour and reach out to a renowned sports travel company as soon as possible!

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