How to Visit San Francisco without Staying in a Hotel

San Francisco is one of the most iconic and classic cities in the entire United States. The sense of history there is noticeable before you even set foot in the city. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the entire world. Many people from all over the US and all over the world visit San Francisco each year. This frequent business has created a very robust and exciting tourism industry in the city. There are many different places for you to stay in the city that provide a whole host of great amenities and features; however, some of them tend to be crowded, overpriced, and far away from where you want to be. Hotels can be big, impersonal, and a hassle to stay in. The alternative is a short-term vacation rental.

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How Do They Work?

You can find rentals in the city essentially the same way you find a hotel, but you are given far more options. With a hotel, you’re pretty much limited to what they have to offer. With a vacation rental, you can scroll through many different options to find the right one. Go to a website that lists rentals. These tend to be homes, condominiums, and apartments throughout the city. In fact, some of them are even close to the Golden Gate Bridge, which makes for an incredible view. Go to these websites that list homes and scroll through their available listings of San Francisco vacation rentals.

You can see the number of rooms, the square footage, the price, and where they are located. When you look through these homes, sometimes it seems like they’re more expensive than hotels. They’re definitely more expensive than cheap hotels, but they tend to be very competitive with nicer hotels, which makes sense since they tend to be very nice homes.

The price is often offset by the amount of spending you can reduce by staying in a home. When staying in a home, you typically have access to a kitchen and pantry. The amount of money you save making food yourself as opposed to going to restaurants can offset the expense of the house very quickly.

What Other Considerations Should You Have?

Think about the placement of the house in relation to San Francisco. Consider where it is in the city. A home will be in a more residential area, which means it’ll be somewhat quieter and less hectic than where many of the hotels are. You should also think about what is near it. If you have prescriptions you need to fill, you want to make sure you’re near a drug store. If you have specific food needs, you want to make sure you’re near a well-stocked grocery store. All of these things are more commonly found in residential areas of the city.

Staying in a hotel can be hectic and a hassle. If you want to stay in San Francisco, you should really think about a vacation rental.

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