Means of Transportation from Fiumicino Airport to Rome’s Center

If your next holiday is in Rome, then you need to know what are your transportation options once you land at the Fiumicino airport. Any air flight, no matter how short, is always exhausting, so when you land you will want to know exactly what Rome airport transfer services are available and from where.

Fiumicino Airport

Option 1. The Leonardo da Vinci Express Train

Just walk 5 minutes from the baggage claim (there are signs to guide you) and you will get to the train station. In less than 40 minutes you will be at the Termini station, in the centre of the city. But from here, you will have to get other means of transportation to get to your hotel, so if you are not travelling light, maybe it would be better to choose a taxi. The price for one-way ticket for adults is €14, and it’s free for children under 12.

Option 2. The Regional Train

The regional train leaves from the same station, it also takes around 30-40 minutes to reach the city, but the ticket is cheaper, only €8.  It does not go to the Termini station and it also makes several stops along the way, so it would be better for you if you want to get off to the historic center.

Option 3. The Bus

You have several bus options from the airport to the center of Rome. The trip will take around an hour, but it’s cheaper than the train. You can take the Terravision bus, the SIT bus shuttle, the ASTRAL-Lazio or the COTRAL bus. The ticket for each of them is €5 and most stop at Termini train station.

Option 4. The Taxi

The good part about taking a taxi from the Fiumicino airport is that they have a flat rate to get you into the city €48, including all taxes and luggage. Make sure that your driver will not start the meter. Tell him that you are aware of the fixed rate.

Option 5. Rent a car

If you are traveling with kids or with a lot of luggage the best option would be to rent a car. If you book online you might benefit from some discounts. It is comfortable and stress-free to know that there will be a car waiting for you when you get off the plain. What you have to do is get into the car and start your journey.

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