The 5 Best Things to Do in Shah Alam

Malaysia’s Shah Alam is a buzzing and vibrant city and the capital of Selangor State. It lies only a 30 minute drive from the capital of Kuala Lumpur, making it easily accessible for tourists and locals alike. Located in a majority Muslim state, Shah Alam is a hub for Islamic culture and history, and plays host to a number of fascinating modern and historical sites and exhibitions.


  1. Visit the Largest Mosque in Malaysia – The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque lays claim to being the largest mosque in Malaysia. Known informally as the Blue Mosque due to its beautiful large blue and silver dome, which reaches 350 feet above ground level, it is able to accommodate 24,000 worshippers at a time. The mosque also overlooks a beautiful landscaped park: the Garden of Islamic Arts. The design of the park is inspired by the Garden of Paradise in the Quran, so it truly is a beautiful sight to behold. The park is home to nine different exhibits of Islamic arts, and sometimes plays host to traditional Islamic performances too.
  2. Shop ‘Til You Drop – Shah Alam is home to world-class shopping and lifestyle mall, Star Avenue, where you can find fashion, entertainment, book stores, toys and more. Hosting a range of top brands, along with gourmet restaurants and cafes, you can spend an entire day shopping your heart out at the mall. On weekends, this shopping mall in Shah Alam often puts on events and activities, providing free entertainment for all the family.
  3. A Little Bit of Culture – The Selangor State Museum, also known as the Sultan Alam Shah Museum, offers a tour through Selangor’s history, with many fascinating artefacts and relics. This is a great place to learn about the history and culture of the region. Visit a show or exhibition at the nearby art gallery and performance venue, Laman Budaya, to make for a great day out. For some more modern art, take a walk through the public alleyways at Laman Seni 7 to marvel at their selection of unique curated murals.
  4. Get into Nature – Shah Alam National Botanical Park gives a taste of the jungle in the midst of the city, featuring a high ropes course, fishing and a swimming pool. As the park comprises over 200 acres of beautiful jungle, gardens and lakes it can be difficult to see everything by foot, so why not rent a bicycle to explore its lengths. It is also home to an animal park and green house.
  5. Cool Down – If the heat and humidity are getting to you, why not take a visit to Shah Alam’s SnoWalk. This venue features a climate-controlled theme park, with ice sculptures and sledding, making for a perfect and fun-filled escape from the heat when it starts to become too much.

Shah Alam offers a great range of activities for every taste, from culture, history and art, to shopping, sports and nature, it has it all. Being only a stone’s throw from the country’s capital of KL, it is well worth a visit to see the sights.

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