Things to Do Outside of Las Vegas

When you travel to Nevada, Las Vegas is probably the airport you fly into. It is also likely the city where you stay during your travels. It is the largest city in Nevada, and one of the most interesting cities in the world. Whether you are traveling for fun or for business, it is likely that you have something to do in Vegas. However, it is not the only place of interest in Nevada or in the surrounding area. There is much to do in Las Vegas, but there is also much to do outside of Las Vegas.

Orange Groves

Las Vegas is located in the southern tip of Nevada, which means that it is only a few hours from California, Utah, and Arizona. You can travel into California with very little trouble. As you travel through California, you can see orange groves at all different times of the year. Many people who make a Las Vegas RV rental choose to travel all throughout California as well as Nevada. When you travel into California, you will be able to see the differences that occur in the orange groves, depending on the time of year in which you are traveling.

In the summer, the orange trees begin to blossom. They blossom with fragrant white flowers; this is when the bees pollinate the trees for the coming year. If you travel to the groves during the winter, you will see the trees full of oranges that are ready to be picked.


Nevada is notoriously flat, but that does not mean that you can’t go hiking. If you drive to a neighboring state that is not quite as flat, you can find some great places to go hiking. There are some incredible spots for hiking in California as well as Colorado. Colorado will be a farther, drive but an RV gives you the freedom to take longer drives.

You can even choose to break up the drive into many different segments. You can drive for a few hours from place to place, seeing roadside destinations and interesting things along the way. Before you know it, you’ll be hiking in the mountains of Colorado.


Some people like to go camping with their RV. The RV itself is a great way to travel, but many people want to sleep outside under the stars. The warm months of the year are great for that in Nevada. There is very little chance of rain, and even if it does rain, you can move back into your RV. There are campsites all over the state that accommodate parties of all different sizes. You will be able to control your trip completely.

An RV gives you the freedom to choose when and where you go for your entire vacation—you are in complete control. You won’t have to worry about hotel check-in times, connecting flights, or even where you are going to sleep. You can just go from campground to campground, experiencing the Southwest and enjoying yourself. It is the best way to travel, especially around Nevada. You should definitely consider renting an RV.

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