Top 5 Countries With the Most Expensive Car Hire Services

If in Georgia, Tbilisi you will pay €856 to rent an economy car for one week, in Ireland, Dublin you will pay €99.Quite a difference right? So if you want to know what countries to stay away if you need to rent a car, here are the top five nations with the most expensive car hire services:

Most Expensive Car

  1. Georgia (Europe) – €856 / week
  2. Zambia (Africa) – €690
  3. Seychelles (Africa) – €656
  4. Angola (Africa) – €586
  5. Nigeria (Africa) – €579

As mentioned before prices vary from company to company. So even if Africa seems to have the highest scores for car rentals, this does not mean that you cannot find a lower price with a simple Internet search.

There are numerous factors that influence the total price you pay: if you book the car in advance, if you pay online vs. at the desk, if you accept their insurance when yours already covers the accident risk, if you rent a GPS or a child seat or if you accept to take the car with a full tank of gas (they will always have higher prices compared to the gas station).

There are many things you should be careful about when you rent a car, because some companies will try to rip you off, not only in Africa but all over the world. Make sure you also read the small print before you sign the contract (you should already know this) and make sure that all the car’s damages are written on the paper. You can also take some photos to make sure you have the proof that you did not damage the car.

Although some fees such as credit-card fees or contract fees cannot be avoided, others can. Make sure you return the car in time, fill the tank up if they requested you to top off the car and return the vehicle with no damages, not even a scratch. Talk to an agent before you sign and ask him all the questions that you have. This way you will know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises such as unknown fees and taxes.

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