Travel in Style in Malaysia

No matter if you find yourself in Malaysia for business or leisure, there are few places in the world filled with as many surprises, amazing landscapes, unparalleled accommodation, and much more. This is a country ripe with many thousands of years of history, amazing artwork, festivals, and all the attractions that you could think up in a month to enjoy during your stay. Therefore, you benefit from considering the many reasons that other people choose Malaysia for their next holiday or business travel plans, especially if you want to enjoy some of the best fun in the world for some of the most affordable prices.



A beautiful beach can be hard to come by with many travellers leaving behind their rubbish and other debris and causing them to deteriorate over time. However, Malaysia is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world and these are the type of beaches that you see in beautiful travel magazines and commercials. The beaches of Redang, for example, are quiet, warm, and secluded so that you can enjoy some of the best relaxation and privacy while you and your family explore the small island and have fun.


Malaysia is home to some of the oldest culture and history in the world, some of it stretching beyond recorded history. As you explore the country, you can see the strong influences of China, India, and other Southeast Asian countries that have truly turned it into a melting pot of culture and beauty. This fusion is most apparent in Penang, where you can find a place packed with historical and cultural gems including many beautiful examples of classical churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples, and grand mosques.


There are few places as perfect as a 5-star hotel in Malaysia because you receive all of the luxuries found at such a hotel in the UK without even half of the cost. This is because Malaysian currency will stretch much farther than UK currency, especially once you have it converted over. For the price of staying in a much lower-quality hotel at home, you could enjoy the very lap of luxury in Malaysia and see some of the most amazing landscapes along the way.


Malaysia is home to many amazing dishes with influences from all over Southeast Asia, meaning that you could taste dishes using the same recipes emperors and other ancient men and women tasted. This is one part of the world that has remained the same in many ways as it has for centuries, and there are street vendors on every corner offering amazing foods that are made fresh to order and served steaming. By the time you feel you have no more room to try another bite, a new type of food will present itself and become something that you absolutely must try.

Fortunately, you can walk to many local places and burn off the calories of the food. Malaysia is home to a generally slim population and part of this is because the food is high in nutrients and low in fat.


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