Travelling In Jamaica

Jamaica is like a green jewel basking in the warm turquoise water of the Caribbean. It offers many exotic types of scenery and reminds us of the old colonization era. We can see remnants of the island’s rich history. Visiting Jamaica is also about enjoying old Spanish heritage. Spanish Town is the former capital of Jamaica and we will have an idea what made Europeans enthusiastic about colonizing the Caribbean. There are many old buildings in the Spanish Town, such as the St. Jago de la Vega cathedral. We could take many pictures in the town square to get a glimpse of the colonial architecture.

Travelling In Jamaica

Negril is a good place to visit if we have passion for marine activities, such as fishing, sailing and scuba diving. It has a bustling nightlife and there are many small shops that can keep tourists interested. In a good day, we can watch a spectacular sunset from West Point or the westernmost area in the island. There are many clubs in the spot where we can have dinner after an enjoyable afternoon. Ochos Rios also means “eight rivers” and it was once a rather sleepy village. However, the area now has some international-class hotels and resorts. Ochos Rios is also known for its garden, including the Shaw Park Botanical Garden.

While we are in the Ochos Rios, it is a good idea to sample Jamaican varied cuisine in the local restaurants. We could also visit the Brimmer Hall, a plantation that still cultivate and harvest crops based on old methods. Montego Bay is a modern and large city. We could go to the Rose Hall, an old restored house of the local sugar plantation. From the city, we can gaze upon the bluish Caribbean Sea and we could always enjoy ourselves in the city’s three popular beaches. Falmouth is about 40km west of Montego Bay. It is a resort town where we can visit the Church of Saint Paul Greenwood Great House and Rafters Village.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and it has so many things that we can do and see. We should be able to learn more about the island’s past in the White Marl Museum. It is dedicated for the Arawak Indians, who are natives of the areas around Jamaica and Port Royal. The museum also shows exhibits and information about the old days of the piracy and privateers. In the Kingston, we should also be able to sample the local cuisine and go to the Crafts Market to purchase some souvenirs. We could also go to the Cuyamas Park to watch horse races.

Treasure reef is known as an impressive aquatic park. It offers an insight on the rich local piscine creatures. We could also interact with dolphins and feed the shark. The nearby Jungle Trail Walk also allows us to explore the lush greenery. The Green Grotto cave was a sanctuary for rum runners, smugglers and refugees. It has a wonderful underground lake, known as the Grotto Lake. As a tropical country, Jamaica also offers plenty of marine attractions.


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