Vacation Places in Maryland

When considering a vacation in Maryland, there are tons of opportunities. So Maryland vacations could be certainly incredible those that choose and plan the right vacation place. Maryland has a lot more worthy vacation spots for tourists, from the magnificent city destination of replenished downtown and Baltimore waterfront, to a lot of Civil War ancient spots and museums, to beautiful landmarks of Chesapeake Bay. Needless to say, the state of Maryland also shares boundaries with the United States capital city, Washington DC.


Ocean City

Ocean City is an amazing location for a vacation in Maryland. The amazing fact about this state is that it is probably the best location for caramel popcorn and French Fries out there and just to try them at Thrashers there is usually hour long queue. No wonder the place is famed for fries and popcorn. Moreover, Atlantic Ocean view from the exquisite beach is amazing. The boardwalk and also the water can be enjoyed for more or less about a hundred streets while shops are available whenever you need them which are available at every corner. Another awesome part about Maryland is that, it offers excellent seafood so the vacationers as well get ready for another treat while the fabulous crab cakes found in the city takes your taste buds to another level. Isn’t obviously this place an incredible place to enjoy while on vacation?

Saint Michaels

Another great place in Maryland while on vacation is Saint Michaels which is located around the eastern shore and not very far away from City Ocean. It offers the bulk of the very opportunities that Ocean City also offers. Inn at the Old Brick and the Perry cabin for accommodations are suggested while the seafood and the steak found in Maryland are of high quality. The expensive seafood treat is well worth. Bay Bridge is located very across the Saint Michaels. Several stores and craft shops are available to enjoy several hours exploring. Also, visitors can find several outlets to search and take a handful of nice things home.


Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland State which is the base of the United States Naval Academy. It is just so amazing and will knock feet off the visitors. A perfect atmosphere for vacation is offered with great food, charming and quiet surrounding and wonderful lodgings in spots around the water. Annapolis is much more pleasant and enjoys quieter environment among Saint Michaels and the Ocean city.

Other than these three mentioned above are Geppi’s Entertainment Museum and Lexington Market in Baltimore. The former mentioned Entertainment Museum is among the museums that are more fun in comparison to other dead and educational ones. This museum is situated in Camden Station, Camden Yards. This museum of entertainment is the blowout of the American pop culture history around from the 1700s till today. Around six thousand exhibits includes comic strips, books, TV shows, games, toys, radio broadcasts, dolls and many other various kinds of memorabilia. Lexington Market boasts as being the world’s most significant and continuous running market which was established in 1782. Lexington Market was originally a spot for regional farmers to trade their produce. However, this market today include two huge buildings on Paca and Lexington Streets with a lot of meat selling stands and restaurants, candy, seafood, vegetables, fruits, baked goods and much more. This market is popular both among the local residents and visitors which is opened all the days of week besides Sundays.

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