Cost Effective Ideas for a Family Holiday in London

Whether you are a foreign family who really wants to experience the swinging capital, or are local and want to see more of London, there are many ways to go about arranging a week or two in what is perhaps the most exciting of all the European cities. In former times, one would be advised to contact a tour company, who could make all your accommodation and travel arrangements, yet, thanks to the Internet, everything can be organised in the comfort of your living room.

Travel Options

London is a huge city and if you want to be able to be selective in what you see, hiring a car is the best option. Once you are sure of your dates, search online for “affordable people carrier hire in London” and you can browse through the different suppliers until you find the best deal. All the vehicles will be pretty much the same in terms of age and condition, so it is really down to price and availability, and if you plan to go in the winter, you might be able to secure a bargain.


With the vehicle hire arranged, your thoughts can turn to accommodation, and while you can stay in a different place each night, this will be an expensive way to go about it. As you have a vehicle at your disposal, you should look for something nice that is 20km or so from the city centre, perhaps in Berkshire or Surrey, where there are quaint period inns and small hotels, and if you book for the duration of your stay, there would likely be a discount on the normal daily rate. Staying in one of the surrounding counties gives you a taste of the natural beauty of the Home Counties, and the city is merely a 30-minute drive away, giving you the best of both worlds.

London Attractions

The best way to plan your holiday is for the whole family to sit around the computer and begin to search for London attractions. There are so many, you will have to be very selective about where you do decide to visit, and it isn’t wise to include more than two venues in a single day, as with travelling, it would be impractical, unless they all happen to be in the same area. The places you select can be booked online, and there are special tourist packages, where you can make a single payment and the entire family has free access to many of the London places of interest. It is definitely worth exploring the possibility of purchasing a family tourist ticket package, as many of the famous venues are included, and this could save you hundreds of pounds.

Of course, any holiday in London is not going to be cheap, but with some careful spending and affordable car hire, a large family can enjoy the holiday for a very affordable price.

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