Touring the History of Munster

The southwest of Ireland has long been a tourist destination. The history of tourism in a town like Killarney goes back to the mid-18th century. Tourists from all over England, Scotland, and Wales travelled to Killarney. It has maintained its history of tourism for a very long time. Unto this day, tourism is still popular in Killarney. The area played a large role in the Irish War of Independence. As is the case with many parts of southern and western Ireland, it had a strong Republican presence. Such a presence was enhanced by its location so close to the Gaeltacht. If you are cycling through Ireland, especially western Ireland, and want to experience a piece of Irish history, you need to visit the Gaeltacht.

The Gaeltacht

When you are planning your cycling trip, you need to look for a trip that takes you to Killarney and other parts of southwestern Ireland. The region is often known as Munster. It is named that for several reasons, but one of them is the history of speaking Munster Irish in the region. For generations, that region spoke a particular dialect of the Irish language. To this day, you can still find Irish speakers in southwest Ireland, especially in the more rural areas. The areas where Irish speakers are most concentrated is known as the Gaeltacht. It is an area where Irish is the primary language, or at least a prominent second language. If you want to experience the history of Ireland as authentically as possible, you need a cycling holiday from Hooked On Cycling that takes you to or near the Gaeltacht.

The Culture

The culture of different parts of Ireland can be very distinct. Ireland is not a large island, but it is also not very densely populated, which means there are large parts of the island that have been isolated from other parts of the island. In recent years, that isolation has largely disappeared due to technology and rapid travel, but the cultures of different parts of Ireland were allowed to develop almost independently of each other. That is very evident in the four different dialects of the Irish language that have continued to exist even as the Irish learning process has become standardised throughout the country. If you are looking for a distinct piece of Irish culture, going to the southwest of Ireland is a great choice.

Cycling through that region is a great choice because it gives you the opportunity to experience the weather and connect with the land there. Instead of being sealed up in your car, you will be out in the elements. Being in such elements will allow you to see the sights, smell the smells, and hear the sounds that make southwest Ireland so distinct. You’ll be able to see why it has been a tourist destination for over two hundred years.


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