How To Minimize Stress During Long Haul Trips

Long haul trips can be quite a challenge for many people. We could spend many hours in buses, trains or airplanes. It means, we should have the ability to deal and cope with travel-related stress. There are things we should do to minimize stress during a trip. One thing that we should be aware of is that we shouldn’t drink alcohol. It is the number one reason people get stressed very easily during a long haul trip. Alcohol has a tendency to change any calm and sane person into a completely raving lunatic. We have seen many decent people who behave badly after drinking alcohol.
If we are about to take long haul trip on bus, train and aircraft, it is recommended to avoid drinking any alcohol, even if it is just beer and wine. This will help us to manage our stress level and we will be more focused on what we do. We should also drink enough water. When travelling in developing countries, we could be in a bus or train that has no air conditioning. This situation could significantly dehydrate. Dehydration may cause headaches and pains, which elevate our stress level. For this reason, we should make sure that we drink a lot of water during the trip. This will make sure that we are feeling better.

In hot weather, we should carry a one liter bottle, so we can b perfectly hydrated. Bottled water is often available in many countries, so we don’t have to bring more than one. Sitting too long in a cramped situation can also elevate our stress level. Nobody likes to be trapped in a confined space. In fact, people who sit for a long period of time could contract deep vein thrombosis. Some people suffer this condition, because they spend the entire trip sitting down. If possible, we should get up and walk the cabin for 10 minutes every two or three hours.

If we are in a crowded bus and there’s no place to walk around, we could stand for awhile and shake our feet. We could sit down after we feel better and the blood circulation in lower parts of our body has become normal. Reading while sitting down in a bus or train can cause discomfort due to motion sickness. Alternatively we could listen to music or e-book. This should be a wonderful way to reduce stress. Obviously, we shouldn’t choose music that can easily simulate stress. It is a good idea to choose relaxing music based on our preferences. Some people love smooth jazz; while others prefer slow pop or classic. Listening e-book can also be an enjoyable experience, it is a good way spend the time inside the bus.

After we feel relaxed, we could proceed with meditation. During a deep meditation, the time may seem to flow faster, making the whole trip feels more bearable. It’s a fantastic tool and once we have become more proficient with it, it is very easy to calm ourselves down.

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