Travelling In Venice


Venice is a magical city in the north of Italy. A good time to visit Venice is during the summer, with maps and hats on our head, we should be able to explore some of the most attractive destinations. Despite its narrow, complicated street systems, we should be able to navigate them using the mapping service in our phone. However, we should be aware that some of the smaller alleys may not be shown on the map. Fortunately, being lost in the old city isn’t actually a catastrophe, because there are many things we can see. Venice is actually made of a group of small islands, which are interconnected by bridges and canals.

In some cases, we can reach other areas of Venice by ferries. There are many spots we can visit when we go to Venice. In the heart of Venice, stands the Rialto Bridge, which is essentially an architectural marvel. It overlooks the primary thoroughfare. The Grand Canal of Venice has many Renaissance palaces with numerous gondolas that transport people to different canals and islands. However, it should be noted that Venice is a touristy city, so gondolas are expensive and they are not meant for normal transportation. To get around, it is advisable to use the ferry system.

Whether we are exploring or deliberately try to make ourselves lost in the city, we will likely find Doge’s Palace or the Palazzo Ducale. It is essentially a gothic masterpiece and the seat of the Venice government for centuries. It has pink marble with medieval carvings and white limestone exterior. The exterior of the palace is so stunning that it can easily take our breath away. Some of the carvings and marble blocks are older the buildings themselves, because they have been brought from other old ruins. The Madonna dell’Orto is another place to visit and it is a church with impressive beauty.

With all these impressive old buildings, the name Venice has been synonymous with beauty. When we travel on foot between these buildings, it is easy to have an impression that each one surpasses the previous one. Travellers should see the production of Venetian glass located at the island of Murano with the Venezia ferry system. For centuries, Venice is known for its beautiful glass artworks, with intricate details, beauty and colors. Many pieces of these glass artworks are used in outdoor landscaping. We could see brightly-colored glass birds on top of archways and gardens of colourful glass flowers.

If we prefer to go to quieter place, we should go to the Burano Island. Its canals are known for picturesque buildings with colourful designs. Compared to buildings in the mainland, those in the Burano Island seem to be better maintained. When we first arrived in Venice, we could see some more dilapidated buildings, with its plasters eroded by the constant exposure of sea water. Venice is also a good place to find good foods and we should go to the market and eatery areas to find local delicacies.


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