How To Travel Light


It is actually possible to travel through foreign countries with nothing but carry-on luggage. Before travelling light, we should make a conscious decision to travel light. It comes with many benefits, as well as some consequences and even a few inconveniences. It also takes some efforts in advance and this is something that we need to consider if our time i valuable. Luggage checks in airports are often considered as the major causes of delays and congestion. Fewer checked luggage also means one less line. Many airlines are also charging significantly for extra luggage.

When we arrive in destination country and get off the plane, we will immediately enjoy the benefit of travelling light. We could walk directly to customs and complete the process very quickly. When we return to the airport to go back to our home country, it should be the same sweet story. When travelling, we could move effortlessly, because travelling light means that we carry only 20 pounds in our travel bag and backpack. Our back will feel much better and the trip will feel more convenient. The number one rule of travelling light is to bring fewer clothes. These clothes should dry quickly overnight and we can wash them in the bathroom sink every day.

If we are travelling for business purposes, we should bring only a collection of dark suits wardrobes. We could dry clean them easily and people won’t mind if we wear them every day. Everything else should be washed out in sink and this could take ten minutes every evening. If we don’t have the chance to wash our clothes, we could purchase disposable, cheap clothing in local stores. After a few days of use, we don’t need to bring them home. When travelling light, we should make sure that everything we carry coordinates well with everything else.

It is a bad idea to just throw all out favourite clothes and items into our bag. The best way is to take packing practice. This should be an eye opening activity and we know what we should do to make sure that we will travel light. Travelling light could also be an extraordinary self-discipline, because many of us have an urge to bring just one extra thing. In fact, we should reserve some space in our bag, because we may need to leave some room for souvenirs. Some of them can be quite heavy and bulky. It is better to bring heavy things home as souvenirs, instead of the other way around.

Another secret of travelling light is to bring just enough items, like toiletries to get started. We shouldn’t bring them for the whole trip. It is a bad idea to bring shampoo for three weeks of trips in our bags. Many of these items can easily be found in our destination areas. Other things that we shouldn’t bring are snacks, because we could find them quite easily throughout our trips. Travelling light is also about travelling compact, it is senseless to bring something big, although the item is light enough carry.


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