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Things We Should Know About Travel Scams

Travel scams are actually a big global industry and it is every changing, as well as numerous. There are travel scams that we should be aware of and they could happen both in big cities and rural areas. It means that we shouldn’t walk with our eyes closed, thinking that we always have a smooth travel. Cultural differences, unfamiliar surroundings and languages barriers could turn tourists into easier prey for travel scammers. Knowledgeable and resourceful travellers should check travel forums, where others gather to tell their experience when visiting an attraction.

There are many scams we can find in destinations areas. No fuel scam is a popular one and it happens when a stranger approach us saying that he has run out of gas. Instead of giving the person some fuel, we should offer to accompany him to the nearest gas station. However, we should make sure we outnumber the stranger. Scammers will find an excuse and quickly disappear. There are also precious item scams. They could put an expensive-looking watch and take it in front of us. They will start a conversation with us, behaving like they are surprised with the find. The person could encourage us to buy the near-worthless item.

Diversion theft is also quite common and it happens when people spread nails that cause us to get a flat tire. A stranger will help us and when we are busy working on replacing the tire, others will quietly relieve our car of its luggage. Diversion theft could also be implemented in urban settings. A lady could accidentally splat ketchup onto our shirt and as she tries to clean it up, others will try to clean up our pockets or bags. There are nearly infinite ways to create diversions while we are visiting local attractions, so it is important to not get distracted and we should always check our valuables often.

Money changing scam is quite common. Because exchange rates are quite dynamic, we may not be aware of the latest rates. People could take advantage of this fact and take a huge profit from us. Before we use a money exchange service, we should check our smartphone for latest rates by accessing trusted websites. This should allow us to choose money changing services with more reasonable rates. If possible we should go to a bank branch that can provide us with more accurate rates. Taxi scam can be quite difficult to avoid and it is quite possible that taxi cab drivers overcharge us. We should ask trusted locals about current taxi charges. The taximeter could be tampered and the driver could drive us in circles to get a few extra miles. To avoid this, we should check our routes with Google Maps while we are still in the hotel room. We could instruct the driver about which routes to take. Another common way people get money from us is with begging scam. Women along with small children wearing ragged clothes could ask us for money, when in reality they could get plenty of money each day from begging.

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Low Cost Trip In London


London is known as among the most expensive city and there’s no such thing as a free lunch in it, literally. Fortunately, we can make our own affordable sandwiches by going to the grocery stores and pack our rucksack for our low-cost trip in the city. There are a variety of attractions and events in London that won’t cost us a bean. They may not be the most luxurious, but for people who haven’t gone to London before, this could be a rather interesting trip. The Old Bailey is a place for people who fancy living a little dangerously. It’s a popular criminal court and the place where famous trials were held.

The Yorkshire Ripper, Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce), Dr. Crippen and Oscar Wilde were once trialled in the Old Bailey. It is a popular attraction and we may need to queue in specific days to gain entry. If we are tired of travelling around London, we could relax in the Theatre Royal Stratford East and it is a rare place where we can get entertainment entirely for free in a very comfortable surroundings. Comedy night is at Monday night, when many brave new comedians try to stand up in front of many people for the first time. It is also possible to have a wildlife adventure in the middle of London.

Public parks are major bonus for travellers in London. The Bushy Park is one of them and it’s located near the Hampton Court Palace. It has amazing wildlife and scenery. Contained within the park, we could also see a fantastic history. This could give us a wonderful relief in an otherwise crowded city. We could spot herons, woodpeckers and even deer as we stroll around the park. We could also go to the Bar Salsa, if we want an exciting workout. It offers free lessons for beginners at around 7PM. However, we should contact it, in case there are changes in schedules.

We may also go to the Houses of Parliament and watch a politician in action. This should be an unusual, free way to spend our day. It is located near the Palace of Westminster, which is also a popular historic place. The palace was originally a royal residence when constructed in 11th century. It was rebuilt following a large fire in 19th century. One activity we shouldn’t miss is to take a photo with the Big Ben in the background. The Tower of London is another place that we should visit. It has performed many roles, including a jewel house, place of execution, prison and royal palace.

It’s a must-see destination when we visit London. Unfortunately, the tower can be rather noisy and crowded due to many guided tours. Alternatively, we should go earlier in the morning or very late in the afternoon to avoid the crowds. At precisely 9:30PM, we could see the Yeoman Warders lock the outer gates and this should be a good way to end our trip in London.

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Low Cost Trip in Europe

Europe is one of the more expensive destinations. There are some developed countries in Europe with high costs of living and this will affect our overall expenses. After paying our roundtrip plane ticket, we should use common sense, or a trip in Europe can be really expensive. By saving money, we can preserve our sanity and enjoy our trip better. Obviously, we shouldn’t live entirely on crumbs while we are visiting Europe, but we should spend so much money that can cause financial issues when we are at home. As an example, it may not be a good idea to travel between European countries with airplanes.

Europe is relatively small compared to America, Asia and Africa, so we can choose train and bus. Both forms of transportations can save us a lot of money. When travelling between countries in Europe, we should go to adjacent countries, so we could save money on transportation costs. We could achieve this if we have planned our trip properly. It is also a good idea to have travel insurance. Medical costs in Europe can be very expensive, so we can be covered if we are in trouble or get sick. The premium is insignificant compared to the potential medical expenses and bills that we may incur later on.

Depending on the duration of our trip and our overall health condition, the coverage can cost us from $35 to $500. We should also spend money on Schengen or European visa, so we can travel in many countries without being questioned by immigration officials. We should also make sure that our passport won’t expire during the trip, because it can be quite costly. Countries in Europe could have significantly different standards of living. This will affect the prices of transportation, food and accommodation. We should perform research to know how much we need to spend when visiting a country in Europe.

In general, former Eastern bloc and Balkan countries have lower standard of living, although they are relatively more developed than many African and Asian countries. These countries include Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Poland and former states of USSR. In contrast, more expensive countries are located in Western and Northern Europe, such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Iceland, Monaco and Italy. Spain, Ireland and Portugal can be considered cheaper among Western Europe countries.

Locations that we want to visit also determine the overall pricing. Rural areas are more affordable than major cities. It is advisable to stay in one hotel longer if possible, especially if it offers special deals if we stay there for one week or more. Travelling cheaply in Europe is also about using durable equipments and bags. Replacing our essential equipments and items can be quite expensive in Europe. Our backpack and suitcase should be sturdy, so we don’t have to replace it during our trip. We should also bring our own medicine from our home country, because its alternative can be expensive in Europe.

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How To Stay Safe In A Foreign City

If we know what we should do, most big cities like Paris, London and New York can be very safe. However, no matter safe a city is, we should take a number of precautionary steps to make sure that we stay safe no matter what we do. The most important thing to know is that we shouldn’t act too obviously that we are travellers. Before visiting the city, we should do research to make sure that we are familiar with the overall layout of the city. There should be very safe parts of the city, parts that are safe only during the day and parts that are unsafe for the entire day.

We shouldn’t walk around with our guidebook, map, name tag and camera in plain sight. It is also a bad idea to leave our valuables in the hotel room. Many areas in big cities are completely safe during the day; but we shouldn’t wander around after dark. As an example, it is quite risky to stay at Central Park and Lower East Side in New York after dark. In Paris, we should exercise caution when visiting Les Halles and Gare du Nord during night time. King’s Cross and Soho should also be avoided during the night, when we are in London.

We shouldn’t carry all our money with us and it is better to bring the amount that’s sufficient for the day. We can be left penniless if our purse or wallet is stolen. It is always a good idea to rely on ATM cards while travelling. We should keep the bank’s phone number handy, if we our card is missing. This is a much more convenient option and ATMs can be found anywhere. Withdrawing money from these machines also provides us with better rates and we could avoid excessive charges. We should use ATM only in public, crowded areas. If we need to get the money at night, the machine should be well lit and there are many people nearby.

If we really need to use the ATM in isolated and quiet spot, we should take at least five minutes to observe the surrounding. We should make sure that there’s no one lurking nearby, ready to ambush any ATM user. If we spot someone suspicious, we should leave the area. We shouldn’t linger and wait for the person to go away, because this could also be rather unsafe. Sneak thieves and pickpockets love to target tourists in crowded areas. If we carry valuable documents, such as plane ticket, passports and others, we should keep them in belt bag. Women should also grip their handbags tightly, so it would be difficult for snatchers to take them away.

It is quite likely that we will be confronted by homeless, panhandlers and beggars. We shouldn’t engage them even in quick conversation. We should stay polite, but avoid contact with them. When meeting strangers, we shouldn’t participate in any game of chance, because it is likely illegal and designed to scam us.

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How To Travel Light

It is actually possible to travel through foreign countries with nothing but carry-on luggage. Before travelling light, we should make a conscious decision to travel light. It comes with many benefits, as well as some consequences and even a few inconveniences. It also takes some efforts in advance and this is something that we need to consider if our time i valuable. Luggage checks in airports are often considered as the major causes of delays and congestion. Fewer checked luggage also means one less line. Many airlines are also charging significantly for extra luggage.

When we arrive in destination country and get off the plane, we will immediately enjoy the benefit of travelling light. We could walk directly to customs and complete the process very quickly. When we return to the airport to go back to our home country, it should be the same sweet story. When travelling, we could move effortlessly, because travelling light means that we carry only 20 pounds in our travel bag and backpack. Our back will feel much better and the trip will feel more convenient. The number one rule of travelling light is to bring fewer clothes. These clothes should dry quickly overnight and we can wash them in the bathroom sink every day.

If we are travelling for business purposes, we should bring only a collection of dark suits wardrobes. We could dry clean them easily and people won’t mind if we wear them every day. Everything else should be washed out in sink and this could take ten minutes every evening. If we don’t have the chance to wash our clothes, we could purchase disposable, cheap clothing in local stores. After a few days of use, we don’t need to bring them home. When travelling light, we should make sure that everything we carry coordinates well with everything else.

It is a bad idea to just throw all out favourite clothes and items into our bag. The best way is to take packing practice. This should be an eye opening activity and we know what we should do to make sure that we will travel light. Travelling light could also be an extraordinary self-discipline, because many of us have an urge to bring just one extra thing. In fact, we should reserve some space in our bag, because we may need to leave some room for souvenirs. Some of them can be quite heavy and bulky. It is better to bring heavy things home as souvenirs, instead of the other way around.

Another secret of travelling light is to bring just enough items, like toiletries to get started. We shouldn’t bring them for the whole trip. It is a bad idea to bring shampoo for three weeks of trips in our bags. Many of these items can easily be found in our destination areas. Other things that we shouldn’t bring are snacks, because we could find them quite easily throughout our trips. Travelling light is also about travelling compact, it is senseless to bring something big, although the item is light enough carry.